The Real World: Life since Europe

Here we are in July already. How is it that time flies by so quickly? I’ve been back from Europe for 19 days now, but it sure doesn’t seem that long. In this blog post, I will give you an update of life in my parent’s house during those 17 days. 

My first week back in Kansas was spent readjusting to the time difference and hanging out with family and friends I hadn’t seen in a while. By the time my graduation party rolled around on June 24, I was ready for a long day of saying, “Europe was wonderful,” and, “I start looking for a job soon.” Sure enough, those were the two most popular sayings that day.

The plan was to start looking for work last week, but I got busy retouching my resume, working on my old website and putting together a recent resume reel. Then came the fun part of researching places that I would like to work. With all of this to do, and with the young person in me telling me to go hang out with friends and enjoy this free time I have, I let the week slip past me.

So, here we are at the beginning of a new week. I feel I’m in a good position to finally start making calls to organizations and seeing if anyone is looking to hire a recent college grad. I have a few places in mind that seem like a great places to learn from talented people, but I have yet to pick up the phone and call. It seems easy enough, yet, I find myself finding excuses for not doing it. For example, this site (my new site) doesn’t quite yet have all of my projects up yet that I want. Another excuse, one of my references is in Oregon shooting at the Olympic trials. The list goes on and on.

It’s hard pushing myself to make a call when it feels like I should be enjoying a summer vacation, as this is the first summer where I don’t have to go back to school come August. But, I’m eager to begin working on new and creative video projects, which is why finding a video job has become top priority. With that being said, hopefully by the end of next week something positive will have happened in my job search.

I’m excited for this next step in life: the real world. I think once we get over this initial ‘Who says hi first?’ mentality, we will likely become the best of friends.

I want to thank Chandler Johnson for creating the wonderful design/layout of this site. It’s nice to have good people around you who want to help out whenever possible.




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